run with the wind?!

more like running against the wind... gotta love the Windy City CHICAGO!

Yesderday wa sa super duper day (not so much for my late night eating, but lets not talk about that). There is one thing I'm trying to stay away from and that is compulsively talk about my foods I eat, how I didn't work out, and my obsession on how I am stilll single, so I am hoping I can break this cycle, and help my heart calm down. I have had a lto of stress, trying to juggle everything t once, and my day off yesterday was very well needed. It helped come in tune with my body, and helped me relax. It was very nice and very much deserved. I think when times get as bad as they did the other night, I will just take a vacation day from work, and let go of all. I wish I could have gone to Yoga, but I didn't so maybe sometime this week/weekend. Anywho I have tons of work to do today, but going to try and take it easy today, I don't want my heart to explode out of my chest.

This mornig I woke up at around 5:05 (naturally) and decided, hey if I'm up might as well do soemthing productive and get my day off to a good start so I went running. I only ran 4 miles and walked 0.5 (my goal was 5), I probably could have gone longer, but did not want to rush myself leaving the house for work, nor have I ran in over a week and half, so I didn't want to hurt my shins either.
I should have grabbed something small to munch on, but I didn't so my stomch has been funny. I ate 2.5 hours after my run (I know very bad for me, and I'm not too happy about it myself), but atleast I ate.

I had Oatbran this morning for breakfast. I know seriously, what is going on here?!?!? It's becoming a ritual and I'm super happy to be back in tune with it.
Here is what my oatbran consisted of:

1/2 cup Quaker Oatbran with about 1-1.2 cup water
1 dried fig (chopped)
1/2 scoop Vanilla Isopure
1 tsp. ground flax
1 medium peach (diced)

It was a little dry by the time I got upstairs to eat it, so I took some of my morning cup of coffee (which includes 1/2 cup nonfat milk) and poured it over. It made it ever so delicious, I swear by this recipe.

Well I'm off to try and get as much done as I can today, because I may have to take tomorrow off. I hope you all have a great morning and I will be back to update at lunchtime!!


Hump day...

Yes it's that time again, it's Hump Day.... let's hope I can get through it, as well as all of you. Please don't mind all the grammatical mistakes I could be making (and I warned all my co-workers not to mind if I pass out at my desk) but I only got 1 hour of sleep last night, and sitting in front of the computer is not going to be a good way to keep me up, so thankfully I have a ton of reports to print, which I have to walk back and forth to pick up and organize, this shall do the trick for the morning part of my day, we'll see how I am feeling mid-day.
Quick recap of my eats last night and this morning and off to pick up my reports I go.

For lunch I had the standard ( and by this I'm serious I have pretty much been eating salads for lunch every day during the week!!!) so I had 1/2 apple and clementine to start and then dug right into a regular veggie loaded salad with some grilled chicken breast. The salad consisted of lettuce, onion, cucumber, carrots, green+orange bell peppers and about 5-8 croutons (which is a big no no for me, but whatever.) I have been addicted to having hummus with my salad, as a dressing, so I used about 1 T. of original hummus, and maybe a tsp of Greek vinaigrette.
Salads are very yummy and I could probably be more creative with them, but I'm not after a long day of work, class, and working out; but I felt super nauseous and bloated after my salad (and it's happened before too) so I proceeded to have some hot cranberry apple tea and enjoy 1 square of dove milk chocolate with it. This brought out my sweet tooth, and I remembered I had a Chocolate Mint Luna bar in my ginormous lunch bag, so I ate about 1/2 of that too.

I felt a little better after all of that. By the way I forgot to mention, I ended up running to Target to get a couple things, and stumbled upon a choco-holics section and bought some mini snickers, dove chocolate (on sale), and twix. Yes I'm the girl at work with the chocolates, and I don't mind people coming to have apiece of two here and there, but don't complain to me after you just ate a piece about how fat you are and blah blah blah.

Anywho, after work I had my Historical Geology Class so of course I made my dinner the night before and it consisted of Maple Glazed Tofu and Channa Masala. It was divine, I wish I had packed up more, I couldn't get enough of it. For dessert I had one more piece of Dove Milk Chocolate square, and a small coffee with 2% milk.

I had an appointment last night with my trainer which went well, I think. I had to give him my food journal...which was pretty good except he commented that I was missing some days (which I know why) and he also said my snacks are way too big (uhmmm I didn't know 1/2 banana, 3 oz. of Chobani-Greek yogurt, and 1-2 T. of protein granola is too much) but so I took that into consideration for my meals today.
Before my work out I snacked on 1/2 of a Super Protein Odwalla bar (which are by far my favorite... and keep me satisfied for a while.) and after my session, while on the cardio machines I had 1 scoop of Mint Choc. Isopure and 12 oz water. I ran to the store quickly to pick up a few items for today's eats, and snacked on a clementine.

I'll updated on my workout at lunch time today, but quickly....

My breakfast this morning consisted of my favorite; OAT BRAN!!!Due to the comments that my trainer had given to me, I'm going to get self conscious on all the foods I eat now (but is it my fault that I list out every ingredient I use?!?!) So, my oat bran consisted of the norm:
1/2 cup Quaker Oat bran with 1.5 cups water
1/2 scoop Mint Choc. Isopure Protein
1-2 T. craisins
4 small strawberries diced and
1/2 peach (diced)

Of course I have my BIG cup of coffee with 1/3 cup skim milk and splenda, as well as a giant cup of Green tea.

Off to work I go, I hope you guys have a splendiforous morning! :o)



yeah all these numbers floating in my head...my calculater tape rolling away...

ehhh this balancing is killing me.. but im slowly getting closer and the number is getting smaller :o)

anywho so I got hungry about an hour after I ate my grapefruit (so around 9:30), I decided to go make my bowl of oatbran. Although it wasn't what I wanted exactly...it's really the only healthy meal in the building (except for my snackies and lunch). My bowl of oatbran consisted of:
1/2 cup Quaker Oat Bran
1/2 scoop Mint Chocolate ISOPURE
~1.5-2 T. craisins
3 small strawberries (sliced)
~1 T. Bear Naked Protein Granola (original)

just give me the granola, strawberries and craisins and I'de be a happy camper, but it wasn't enough to satisfy me completely, so oh well.

After a couple hours of crunching numbers and figuring out this account, I was getting a little hungry. For a snack I had the rest of my coffee from this morning (can you believe it lasted me about 4.5 hours?!?!?!), 1/2 Aunt Millie's whole grain English Muffin with a loaded tsp. of PB and 1/2 medium banana (sliced). And who can forget a 2 egg white omelette.

Hoping this covers some hours of hunger, I'm debating if I should run home really quick and get my cell phone , and perhaps make some more coffee, or just go pick up some coffee and attempt to work on my take home exam that's due!

I hope all of you are having a marvelous day, and I will be back later to update. Maybe not until after the gym.

another try...

Seriosuly.... sorry i know im slacking, but it's been a couple of busy days with homework, working out, and oother personal things. I'm gonna make this a quick post and hoefully get in the haboit of updating this blog, as well as setting up my new blog.(I think I have ADD). Anywho, this mornig I woke up super not hungry and super tired, and I think it's because of my binging the last 2 days without working out. Today is a new day, and it seems that Tuesdays are like everyone else's Mondays' to startsomething new. I am hopign this keeps me on track for a while, because I am emotionaly and physically worn out with all this binging after doing soo good all week.
One thing I must say is I have a fear of food, and trouble enjoying it. I know I can get over it once I get on track eating healthy... but it doesn't help to have some people tell you that you have to eat every 3 hours and certain food items shouldn't be eaten at certain times, and just a bunch of mumbo jumbo. So while I do stick to eating accoring to my trainer's advice, I will try and just eat what I want without worrying and see what happens.

So like I mentioned I wasn't hungry when I woke up and it's 9 now, and still am not much hungry so I ate 1/2 of a grapefruit (my favorite when feeling soo blah ---me attwempting to stay away from using words like fat) and im sipping on some coffee with 1/3 cup nonfat milk and splenda. I hope alll of you are having a wonderful morning, and I'll be back to update throughout the day. I PROMISE!