It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

It's FRIDAY!!! and another snowy day in the Chicagoland area. It's nice to have snow around for Christmas this year, but we are still 4/5 days away from Christmas (depending on when you celebrate), so who knows what will happen. They're predicting more snow tomorrow, maybe Sunday and then Tuesday and perhaps Wednesday too :-)
This morning wasn't too fun, walking out with so much snow out there, and my poor dad was still sleeping, not knowing that i had actually snowed so much (sorry I'm not exactly sure how much, but they are saying at least a foot by the end of today!!!) So I attempted to shovel before breaking a sweat, which I wouldn't mind if I wasn't going to work, but I ended up waking him up to do the snow plowing, because I did try to start it, but no luck chuck, so it was nice and I am soooo thankful he was here to do it. I got to work 15 minutes late because it was soo slippery I was scared to drive over 20 mph, but there as definitely not many people out on the road with companies and schools closing for the day; unfortunately not my company.

When I got to work I sat down and relaxed a little, but also tried to get things done since we are only open for 4 hours on Fridays and well I had to be a back up for another co-worker since she requested the day off. I actually don't mind it because it makes my day fly by so much faster.

For breakfast I had an Aunt Millie's whole grain English Muffin, a medium banana, coffee with 2 tsp creamer and 1 splenda, and some Raspberry Zinger tea. 1/2 of the EM was with 1/2 tbsp peanut butter and slices of my medium banana, while the other half was with abotu 2 tsp of light canola butter and 2 tsp light three berry preserves.

I got hungry again around 11:15/11:30 so I snacked on the 2 Clementines I brought along with me.

I got to leave work around 12:30ish and got home by 1:00 so I heated up about 3/4 cup, left over, Annie's real Cheddar Mac N' Cheese. I grilled about 3 oz of chicken to eat along with it. I had about a tbsp of Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce with the chicken.

And to keep me nice and toasty, and to satisfy my sweet tooth, I had about 3 peanut M&M's and a white chocolate craisin cookie (yes the ones from Saturday), I am slowly sipping on some Ovaltine, made with about 2/3 cup skim milk and 2 tbsp Ovaltine, topped off with some cool whip whipped cream. Yumm yumm in my tummy!

There's so much to do and so little time to get it all done, so I must go and I'll post pictures soon.

Enjoy your Friday, for those who are home...keep toasty and go have some snowball fights out there... and those of you at work...it's almost done and then you are free!!


Gone with the wind...

Sorry for leaving you guys for 2 days, it's been a crazy and lazy 2 days for me, so I'de rather not blog about what I ate and how much of it I ate, but I tried to keep it healthy, so it's really just how much of it all I ate.

I've also been very bad with bringing my camera and remembering to take pictures of what I eat, so one goal for me is to whip out the camera before I dig in and show off the amazing food you guys are missing out on. I promise I'm going to get better with all of this, it's a bit hard, although I know there shouldn't be an excuse, it's really hard to be motivated to workout and to not stuff your face when it's like 8*degrees out and slippery.

Anyways, I'm back and hoping to be motivated and get things going right.

Now for breakfast this morning (and sorry I forgot to take a picture) I had the same thing as monday, but instead I had only 1/3 of my large banana (it's very ripe, so maybe i'll leave the rest and the other one I have at home I'll use them up too make some of Jenna's amazing banana nut bread, or perhaps I'll try out the cookies this time.) I also bought a new preserves and it is just addicting. It's Meijer brand Organics three berry, and it's low sugar, which is nice. So let's recap,

1 egg and 1 egg white omelette with some tomatoes and onions (no cheese this time). I also had (to satisfy my sweet tooth) 1 Aunt Millie's Whole Grain English muffin with PB and 1/3 of my large banana, and the other half ws with a little light canola butter and low sugar three berry preserves. I'm drinking some coffee (from Mickey D's right now- I ordered it black, and brought my own creamer (1 tsp.) and 1 splenda)-- I went to pick up my dear friend Nina some breakfast before work because she's always calling me to wake me up early for work, she's on top of things... what a pal!!

Anywho, I must go and do some work, I'll check back later, and hopefully capture some pictures of other foods I eat today.

Enjoy your Thursday, we're almost there! :-)


One day down... 3.5 more to go

It's nice to be home on this super chilly night, however, I must say I didn't want to leave work (shocker, I know), but that's only because I didn't want to go out into the cold weather (it went up to about 12*degrees). Work felt like forever, but it was nice and kind of quiet since a lot of people didn't show up today, I think the cold scared them off, so I feel like a trooper making it in...even though I was 15 minutes late!
Ahh.. one day down 3.5 more to go (the office is only open 8-12 on Fridays! I know..lucky me and most people who work there!)
I have a pretty low key week, except for Thursday night, there is an unofficial company Christmas Party going on at a local bar, that I will be attending after I workout, for a little bit. Hope everyone had a good Monday, and is nice and toasty for the evening!

After breakfast, around 11:30, I snacked on a medium banana and a couple Annie's Chocolate bunny grahams (about 15). This held me over until about 1:00 (lunch time), my friend had a meeting around 2:00 so we did a late lunch from 1:00 till 2. For lunch I had about 1.5 cups of my mom's homemade Minestrone (sorry no recipe), a garden salad with about 1 tbsp of garlic hummus and 2 tbsp. light Greek Vinaigrette. I also had about 3 oz. of grilled chicken with that.
Of course, I needed something sweet afterwards so I had the rest of what I packed of the chocolate graham bunnies (about 20 more) and half of a butter cookie that my friend Liz baked, sorry I ate the top half before taking a picture (it was shaped like a snowman;thanks Liz!) and I sipped on hot green tea all day, because it was absolutely freezing at work!

Around 3:30 I got hungry (AGAIN!) and had a cup of diced pineapple and a cup of On the Go: Cafe Mocha (ehh.. I'm not too crazy about it, but it was better than me diving into my box of chocolates at work, and trust me I would not have stopped at just 1, today!) :-)
I also could ave picked at my carrots or yogurt or small McIntosh apple, but I know it wouldn't hit the spot... :-) so why go around the craving, instead of just having a little bit of what you want exactly!

5:30 hit and I was going to go to the gym, however I was getting a little hungry, and honestly did not feel like working out when it's crowded, so instead I drove home! Of course I was sliding, because the roads are still icy from this morning, I heard that it dropped to about -30*degrees last night with the wind chill, and I think that's why I didn't sleep so comfortable and I was so cold last night.

While making dinner I had an Anjou pear and then dinner was 1 medium sweet baked potato and topped off with about 1/4 c. of non-fat cottage cheese and a pinch of brown sugar. I also had Tilapia (made on a dry pan and seasoned with table blend spice and some lemon juice) I sprinkled a little grated Parmesan cheese, and dinner was served.

I know my dinner was a little random but it was what I was craving. I must say I didn't get too crazy with the Tilapia, and I will hopefully spend a little more time making it and add different things, but today's one of those bummy days 9i think it may be the fact that I was only able to sleep about 5 hours last night).

For dessert (yes I know I should watch this, but hey I'm not going to try and avoid eating something and not satisfying my sweet tooth, because I can get really mean and crabby!) I had about 2 peanut M&M's and another one (this time I picked out the smallest cookie I could find in the bag) of the white chocolate chip craisin cookies, and some Hot Cocoa (about 3/4 c. skim milk and 1/3 c. water mixed with 2 tbsp of Ovaltine). I also am sipping on some Hibiscus flower tea with 1 1.5 tsp of Agave Nectar).

Well that's all I have for now, I have to meet my older sister up at my mom's to trade phone batteries, because her phone won't charge and her new one is on the way, and then I'll be hitting up the gym, hopefully there won't be so many people there.

Have a good evening, and I'll post my workout when I get back!!

Brr.. it's how any Degrees out there?!?


Well there is no escaping winter now. It officially 8* degrees out and FREEZING! Let's just say I had one heck of an adventurous morning, with scraping the ice off my windows to somehow attemtping to open my frozen car doors and locks, yeah I'm not really liking this whole idea of Winter anymore. Anywho I did make it to work (15 minutes late), which I'll have to make up during lunch or after work. Here's what I had for breakfast on this Sunny/Freezing Monday morning(pictures will follow shortly)

1/2 Grapefruit, Egg omelette made with 1 Egg and 1/4 cup of egg whites topped off with 1/2 tbsp of shredded 2% monterey jack/colby cheese. I had some tomatoes and onion to go with it. I also had 1 Aunt Millies Whole Grain English Muffin, one half of it was topped with 1 tsp Krema PB and 1 tsp Smucker's LS Apricot Jam, the other half was with 1/2 tsp of Light Canola Oil Margarine Spread and 1 tsp of Smucker's LS Apricot Jam.
To keep me warm I had 2 cups of coffee with 1 tbsp creamer and 1 splenda, and a glass of Earl Grey tea, mmm yummy!

I hope all of you are staying warm on this Monday morning/afternoon, and hope you all have a GREAT day!


Ohhh...the weather outside seems frightful

I made it! Sorry to post so late, but I had a long day of trying to find parking and shopping. (So yes Melissa I did go shopping and wait till you see what I got!) In my last post I mentioned that someone would join me, but surprise surprise (sarcasm) he didn't go with me. That's okay though because I got to get some shopping done for myself too. I think I have a problem (and most women do, and addiction to shopping!). I went to Ann Taylor last week (my twin works there and they had a HUGE sale so she called to get me in there!) and I spent a little over $100 on myself, however, I did save $100, so it was like a buy one get one free type of deal, if you want to look at it that way. Anywho, I drove to Old Orchard (Skokie, IL) and went to Express only, because I didn't feel like walking out side in the drizzling rain, not too mention didn't feel like shopping much because it took me forever to find a parking space. I did manage to find something cute my grab bag person (since the economy is a bit tight, my family has decided to do grab bag again this year...I'm lucky, I know.) Of course walking to the back section (sale section) I found myself a cute little dress too!! :-) and everything in the sore was 20% off, so honestly I did some great shopping there. I then hustled to my car and drove to Northbrook (thanks for the directions Aaron :-) ), my sister works at the Ann Taylor there, and tried to finish off my Christmas shopping. I came across a couple of cute things that were on sale again so I decided to try them on, and only got to buy 3 out of 6 things for myself.
It was a successful evening for Christmas shopping, I just need 2 more things that I would like to get for my grab bag person and a couple things for my niece and nephew... and I'm good to go. I told my twin she'll be getting her gift after Christmas since I'm strapped for cash and there are bills to be paid. (Yes we get gifts for each other, secretly!)...I'm actually jealous of what she's getting from me.

Anyways, it was a nice night, not only did I get to do some Christmas shopping, but I also got to let one thing off my chest that has been bugging me for a couple weeks now, thanks for listening. :-)

So lets get done with mumbling and post some pictures. Here's what I ate after lunch...
Right before walking out the door I had 3 M&M's (they were calling my name) and 5 grapes. When I got to Northbrook (around 5:15) I had a small McIntosh apple and a tall sugar-free hazelnut Misto with 1 splenda. After words, I drove to my mom's and there I had a cup of homemade Minestrone (sorry no picture I left the camera in the car and didn't feel like running through rain, but I packed some up for tomorrow's lunch so you will see). Then I had about 1/3 cup of wild rice and about 3 oz. of grilled chicken breast. For dessert (of course) I had a coffee with about 1/4 c. of 2% milk and a white chocolate craisin cookie. One of the lady's that worked with my sister made some for her, and let's just say it was yummy yummy in my tummy. I want the recipe...and I'll see if I can talk her into giving it to me. I also had about 6 chocolate graham bunnies.

Enjoy the pictures, any questions feel free to ask.. Let's say I'm a GREAT bargain shopper!!! :-)

rumble rumble in the tummy

So much for trying to clean the bathroom, I'm being a bum all morning long. I figured I'll just shower now and go hit up some stores, since it is Sunday and they close early today. Afterwards I might go by my moms and make some homemade pizza, and just take that for lunch tomorrow...but we shall see.
I got super hungry so I opted for lunch instead of a snack.I don't think I took a single break or breath while eating though. I was so hungry, I think because I had a small breakfast. Anyways here it goes... I had an orange to start, 2 slices of Meijer brand whole wheat bread (toasted) with 2 tbsp. garlic hummus, 1/2 tbsp whipped cream cheese, 2 0z. sliced turkey breast, some tomato/cucumber/onion slices and lettuce. It was a yummy yummy sammich! I had a handful (about 25) baked Cheetos, my favorite!!
Now I'm sipping on some yummy warm Raspberry Zinger tea with one splenda.
I think I'm going to get ready and just go shopping, and then do everything else. Just have to wait and find out if a certain someone wants to come with me...keep your fingers crossed for a YES!... and then I'll let you know later when I get done with it all.

enjoy your Sunday..and let's hope the Viking's lose tonight!! im kidding, enjoy Sunday football!

I can see the floor!!!

I forgot to mention my sister yelled that when she saw my before and after pictures of my room. Everyone always teases me about how I only get in the cleaning mood once in like 3 months (and actually I think it has been about 3 months since I last cleaned my room ...yup way before I left for LA and I have no idea how I found clothes to pack for that trip.

Anyways this morning I woke up pretty early for a weekend...I've been catching up on sleep lately for the weekends and have been sleeping in till about 11ish (so unusual for me...right Sara and Jennay and Kristi...and everyone else who sleeps in and knows me as the early bird) but today I was super duper happy to wake up at 9 and not be too tired!!! I think it was the fact that my body is still getting used to me not eating too late and not stuffing my face.
Yes I have gained about 10 lbs in the last 3 weeks...so that would start about Thanksgiving time, and now I have to lose that, plus more. No I'm not starving myself, or depriving myself of anything...just eating in moderation, not eating too late, and enjoying every bite I take.I still keep within a good calorie range, even though I avoid that as much as possible (calorie-counting I mean).

So anyways I have started my to-do tasks and ate breakfast, took pictures of my late night grocery shopping, started some laundry and heading over to my bathroom to disinfect the entire thing. I make it sound so much dirtier than it actually is, but it's a bathroom...they gross me out!

For breakfast I had my Grammy style oats! I tried to copy the same recipe my grandma uses for her oatmeal.I can't seem to stomach oatmeal anymore, after my three month high protein diet... so I avoid it as much as possible but I had a craving for her style oatmeal.

I made my oatmeal using:
1/4 c. skim milk (she uses Whole milk)
1/2 c. water (she uses Whole milk, haha again)
1/3 c. Quick Oats
1.5 Tbsp Raisins
1/3 c. sliced Peaches (canned...I know not the best)
1/3 large Banana (sliced)
pinch of Brown Sugar (to top off and sweeten)

I had some Lemon Green Tea and Coffee with 2 tsp. creamer and one splenda. I had to make the coffee today since my dad hasn't woken up yet, and I made it a little strong, but not too bad. I've kind of been drinking it for about an hour already, since I had oatmeal this morning, I can't over do the milk, but as my description says, coffee and chocolate lover.... drink tons of it and eat tons of it...and yes I love Chocolate covered Espresso beans, totally amazing and smart mix!!! Actually I saw some yesterday while on my trip to Starbucks and have been thinking about buying some, especially since they are having their 20% off items until December 17...yummy stocking stuffer for myself.. haha.

Anyways kids, enjoy your day and I'll be back later to post pictures (I've been a little lazy to upload them right now) and to fill you in on how the day is going.


Shrimp and chocolate!!!

Good morning!

Sorry for the late post, I didn't get home until super late (about 12:45 a.m.!!) I was so tired I put away the groceries and got ready for bed, and passed out finally around 2:00 (soo soo late, since I'm trying to get to bed early now a days). I've been having trouble sleeping during the week, usually falling asleep around 1/2a.m. and then having to be up around 5:30/6 for work. I've been late for the last 2 weeks for work (usually about 30 minutes or so) and no they haven't said much to me yet, but thank god it Snowed because I just blame it on the cold and slow moving traffic.
Anyways, last night my sister and I did not make it to the movie, she got off of work super late and I was tired, and at my moms. She came by, but by the time both of us got moving it was about 11:30 p.m. and I still had to run to get some groceries (we were running low on a couple things) You could make a pb and j without the bread. or have left over brown rice from what i didn't finish with baby carrots... I mean you can only half of something....because you didn't have the rest to complete the meal. So I bought:

I forgot to photograph 2 things and that's 36-40 count of cooked cocktail shrimp (which cost me 6.99....damn cravings!!!) and 3 sweet potatoes, but you'll see those later during the week when I'm preparing my lunches and dinners.

While getting ready to go to my mom's I had a small apple to snack on around 7:15 and 2 crackers (sorry no picture).

When I got to my mom's, I made dinner for myself (since we didn't have anything for dinner) and had veggie shrimp stir fry. I would've made some for others, however, everyone was running around because my mom had a reservation for a big going away party, so they were busy.
The stir fry consisted of
1/4 c. onions(sliced)
1/2 c. zucchini and squash mix
1/3 c eggplant
1 c. broccoli
12 medium shrimp
1 tsp of soy sauce
2 tsp of teriyaki glaze
1/8 c. chicken broth (homemade)

I sauteed the vegetables first with some chicken broth and soy sauce. I let them cook for a little bit (about 3 minutes) and then added the shrimp and finally the teriyaki glaze. I let that sit on low heat for about 5-8 minutes and finally served on the plate with some red cabbage. It was delish, and very filling!!!

Those of you know me though, after I eat something salty I need a little something to satisfy my sweet tooth, so I found a tiny ittle piece of chocolate (wrapped in a little gift wrapper, totally cute, totally surprise chocolate.) It was a small Reese's PB gift chocolate (sorry no picture, I devoured it too fast) and with it I had a cup of coffee with 1/4 c. 2% milk and 1 splenda.

About an hour later I got hungry something sweet again, and by this time I was upstairs (at my mom's) watching House and Law and Order:SVU, I went to take a peek in her fridge for some kind of fruit, or something to steer me away from the chocolate, however I opened one drawer and there it was calling my name!!! I had a tiny little piece (I'll take a picture next time I get to my moms of exactly what I had) of nut/raisins chocolate (it's from Aldi! always the best chocolate there).
I got hungry around the time I was heading over to Meijer for groceries, but it was late and I did hold myself back from eating.... because I knew I would regret it later, even though my mom offered me a giant frosting filled cake, that looked oh so yummy... but too late for it. If they left some over from the party, maybe I'll have a little piece of it today, and I'll take a picture.

Alrighty, I'm going to upload photo's and then post my breakfast, and the photo's from yesterday's dinner. :-)


Achooooo....too dusty!!!

So the cleaning has started and my sneezing has not stopped. I knew my room was dusty but not that bad.... I've been camping in my sisters room for the last couple weeks because I have just been so lazy to clean my room, but I started feeling bad that I have this room to myself and i think my dad was getting agrivated at the fact that im not sleeping there, and it looks like a hurricane came through or somehting, so now's my chance to make it up and clean the entire room, from ceiling to floor.
I open my closet, which was kind of empty and then i look at my bed and I understood why it was soo empty (picture number one). But also when i started walking into my closet I look over and I see a glass of water ?:-/ a bit confused i had to take a picture, and then couldn't stop laughing. Maybe about 30 minutes into my cleaning I started to get hungry(it was about 1:30 and I had breakfast around 9:30, so it made sense). I went and made myself a snack to see if I could hold over a little bit until my chicken defrosted for grilling.
I had 1/2 cup of fage 0% yogurt with 1/2 cup of blueberries and 2 tbsp. of Kashi Crunch cereal. Along with it I had some yummy warm Raspberry Zinger tea.
That held me over for about 2 hours, in the mean time I got a lot of cleaning and clothes folding done!!!! Around 3:30 my tummy started rumbling again so I figured I'd check the defrosting chicken and make some super duper late lunch. For my super duper late lunch I had a small McIntosh apple, about 2 oz. of grilled chicken (Dear George Foreman, You're Amazing!), 2.5 tbsp. brown rice, and a salad with Light Greek Vinaigrette. It was yummy and filled me up!! :-)

I decided to finally go outside into the cold and rainy weather (I really had to go pick up my sisters and my dry cleaning) so I decided to run into the starbucks next door and get something to satisfy my sweet tooth. I am a huge chocolate fanatic and in this house we have XXXL bag of M&M's and trust me it took some will power to not just dig into the bag, but I survived it today. At starbucks I got a short (way too small for me, but sometimes you have to sacrifice bigger cups for a smaller waist) non-fat, no whip Mocha!....it's good, and I'm trying to savor every bit of it. Just to show you how samll the short is (8 oz.) I put it next to my sister's Venti Starbucks cup.

Okay now I have to go finish cleaning my room and move on to the bathroom (blahhh...:-/ )and then maybe make it to the grocery store. I won't be Christmas shopping today, but that's okay tomorrow will be fine, especially because the Bears game was on on Thursday|which we WONN!!!!! 27-24, booo-ya Saints....Go Robbie Gould :-) |

I'll be back later, after dinner and my movie date night with my twin sister :-) Enjoy your evening!

Too much to tackle..

Finally the weekend.. :o)
I've been working on my blog all morning, and have lost track of time.I really need to move on to the next item on my to-do list :o( but there's just too much to do in one day, with so little time, so let me hurry and post up my breakfast and what I have to get done, and hopefully when I get a majority of things done I can sit down relax and keep working on this blog, and check out the others later tonight.

What a morning. Went to bed pretty late and finally got to sleep more than 5 hours (my usual during th week). Woke up around 9, after my 10 alarm clocks went off at 7:30/8. When I made it down stairs, my dad was generous enough to start the coffee.. :o) he always brews the perfect pot. So searching for breakfast items. I have to go get some groceries today because we are all out of Aunt Millie's EM and barely have any fruit, so I made do with what I was able to find. I'll post my grocery shopping experience later after I go.
Breakfast was 1/2 grapefruit, 1/2 Aunt Millie's cinnamon-raisin EM with 1/2 teaspoon organic no salt PB and 1 teaspoon LS Apricot Jam, 1Egg+1/4 c. egg whites omelette with some tomatoes and onions on the side, and 1/2 cup of Low Fat Cottage cheese with 1 tsp LS apricot Jam. With that I had a cup of coffee with 2 tsp. creamer and 1 splenda (I know know, Stevia is better) and a glass of hot green tea (it tastes better in a glass than a mug, try it if you don't believe me).

Have a good afternoon and I will be on later, posting my tasks and photos of trips for x-mas shopping and groceries!


Welcome to my blog, I am very excited to start this. I have followed Jenna's (www.eatliverun.com) blog and Cristin's (Eat like me) blog for a couple months now. Ofcourse I have checked out a couple other people's blogs, such as Kath eats real food, For the love of Peanut Butter (which is just an inspiration, I hope your doing well hun!), and a couple others. All of your food bloggies re just an inspiration not to me, but others who need food ideas, and who are trying to grasp the idea of a healthy lifestyle.
If you have read a little bit about me, you'll know that I do have a bit if a challenge, since I do have a twin sister who can devour anything she wants and still be thin (she's really about 1/3-1/2 of my size), but I have learned that it shouldn't matter what size you are... it's about how your body feels and if your feeling good. Size doesn't matter ladies.... it's your health... and you can be a size 12 and feel phonomenal or you can be a size 2/4/6 and feel great... it's about how you feel and not what size you are... it's wethere your happy with yourself, and not how others portray you.
Since there's a limit as to how much I can write about myself in the About me section, to learn more about me, I will post some information as the days/weeks/ months progress, hopefully getting people familiar with different challenges I've been through, but not only weight and health wise, but just my life. I will be posting my thoughts, articles I find interesting and helpful to some people, and struglles for the day. I hope that you enjoy and support my blog, nd feel free to throw in questions, comments, concerns or anything in my comments area and I will reply back as soon as I can!!!

Thank You! :o)