baby steps :o)

Goodmorning ya'll

long time no chit chat on here, I know. Things have been crazy busy for me, trying to manage to work full-tim, go to school full-time as well as keep working out (which has been wishy washy...good one week, not the greatest the next). But I really am struggling on my eating and am falling off the band wagon, so I want to be back and share with you guys the yummy eats I consume, and hopefully this will get me out of routine... and back to enjoying foods like I should be.As it say's on the post title, Baby Steps, by this I mean I am slowly trying to ween myself back into the blogging world, so please do forgive me for no picks, but I will get there... and before oyou know it... you'll be drooling while reading and looking at my yumm yumm consumptions.For now I will try to make my meals sound as appetizing as possible. Anywho, I am at work so I will try and make this a quick post, and depending on the weather I will either go for a walk, or stay in and work on the blog as well as some other important business that I haven't been able to get done this past weekend.

For breakfast I had some oatmeal. Yup that's right, OATMEAL!!!! Some of you know me well enough to be shocked by this eat, but I am slowly beginning to enjoy oatmeal again, and actually get cravings here and there. I am attempting to eat it 3 times a week if possible, with alternating days of my regular pancakes, eggs, omelettes, and whatever non-oatmealish meals there are, ofcourse always healthy!
My oatmeal consisted of :

1/2 cup oats
1/2 scoop mint chocolate ISOPURE (when mixed with cold water after a super hard workout, reminds me of thin mints!!!! yummo, and if you know me well enough you should know that I have an obsession with mint chocolate, so I can whip this up in a blender any day for a protein filled smoothie/milkshake :o) )
~2/3 cup water
3-4 tbsp mixed homemade trailmix (chopped walnuts, craisins, raisins, and sliced almonds)
2 sliced strawberries
1/4 diced peach

it was yummy!!! I was actually scared that it might have not been too good because of the mint chocolate protein powder, but It wasn't all that strong with all the other toppers in the oatmeal, so I will definitely use it again, when I'm completely out of my creamy Vanilla ISOPURE (I left my big jug at my moms--I think). Any who I am also chugging water like a fish for some odd reason (probably making up for the monster that I had yesterday, and not enough water).

And yes I do have my usual cup of coffee standing right next to the computer screen that I will be enjoying for the next 4 hours probably, because I just noticed that I have a pretty dairy filled morning. I'll get in detail with this later.

I do have a small annuouncement I will make later, but probably not until later tonight, and no it's not a give away sorry. Hope you all had a great Monday, and are so far enjoying this Tuesday morning.
See ya'll laters!

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