What a day and a half it has been. Sorry I haven't posted since my lunch on Monday, but this whole full-time working and fullt ime student schedule is crazy busy for me, so once I get home thats it...sometimes I try and prepare my foods for the next day, other times I just dont have energy and pass out... then either try and drive home (since I live about 15 min. away) during lunch, or just go pick something up somewhere else. I am trying to avoid the going out to eat idea, but there's the occassional (like yesterday) where I'll just go.

Anywho, I have my food journal at home with my foods from yesterday. I am having a hard time with taking pictures of it all, and it makes it easier to jot down foods so I'm not scrambling my brain for what I ate that particular day. I'll try to post my foods rom yesterday, tonight after I get home from the gym. My dinner on Monday consisted of 2 bowls of milk and cereal and cookies with coffee.... yeah I was in a rush, it was the first thing I could get my hands on...no excuses, but it held me over through my 6 hours of studying for my exam...which by the way was cancelled last night!!!! I don't even weant to get started on how aggravated I was. Not only has my teacher pushed back the exam 1.5 weeks already (which is fine by me), but not to email us or call us to tell us the class and exam have been cancelled is going too far. I have a lot on my plate...especially with yesterday.

Anywho I need to post up my food really quick and get my work done, have to be out of the office at 5:15 at the latest to make it to my 6:30 class tonight.

Breakfast was a a 2 egg white omellette with 2 turkey breast slices, brocolli, onions and some tomato slices on the side. I also had 2 super duper healthilicious cinnamon vanilla buckwheat pancakes (I'll post the recipes after my lunch). One was with 1/4 tbsp of natural PB and some banana slices, the other one was with some sugar-free maple syrup. They were indeed, very yummy and cakey like. Ofcourse no morning would be complete without my morning cup of joe, so I am on my second one... (I make a thermos full of it... usually holds about 2 cups with 1/3 cup skim milk and some splenda).

We have food day at work today, so I brought in some mini cinnamon rolls which I've never made, so I pray they're good) and some oatmeal raisin cookies. I will not be having any of those, I need to do good with my weight and food consumption... however, I pretty much begged my friend Liz to make some of her famous cheesecake yesterday, and she surprised me and brought me a piece, which I will only have a sliver at some point today, perhaps before my walk. I am super duper thrilled to have it.

Today is Ash Wednesday, what are you giving up for the next 40 days (ofcourse if you celebrate the catholic easter.) I know technically when you give something up you start it on Ash Wednesday, however, since this holiday has changed soo much, I decided that I won't give it up until I make it to church to get my Ash (which I will try to do on my way to class). It's a little secret as to what I give up for the next 40 days, but I hope to acheive it. I'll let you know by the weekend what it is exactly, once I have a few days to deal with the withdrawals.

You all have a good Hump Day!!!

p.s. have some good news from the trainer yesterday... very nice. I'll see you gusy after lunch!

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Jenny said...

don't even try and give up coffee or tea. you might possibly die without it.

but let me know what it is!