rumble rumble in the tummy

So much for trying to clean the bathroom, I'm being a bum all morning long. I figured I'll just shower now and go hit up some stores, since it is Sunday and they close early today. Afterwards I might go by my moms and make some homemade pizza, and just take that for lunch tomorrow...but we shall see.
I got super hungry so I opted for lunch instead of a snack.I don't think I took a single break or breath while eating though. I was so hungry, I think because I had a small breakfast. Anyways here it goes... I had an orange to start, 2 slices of Meijer brand whole wheat bread (toasted) with 2 tbsp. garlic hummus, 1/2 tbsp whipped cream cheese, 2 0z. sliced turkey breast, some tomato/cucumber/onion slices and lettuce. It was a yummy yummy sammich! I had a handful (about 25) baked Cheetos, my favorite!!
Now I'm sipping on some yummy warm Raspberry Zinger tea with one splenda.
I think I'm going to get ready and just go shopping, and then do everything else. Just have to wait and find out if a certain someone wants to come with me...keep your fingers crossed for a YES!... and then I'll let you know later when I get done with it all.

enjoy your Sunday..and let's hope the Viking's lose tonight!! im kidding, enjoy Sunday football!

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Melissa said...

Just stopping by to say Hi! Did you get any of that shopping done? Hope you had a good day!!