One day down... 3.5 more to go

It's nice to be home on this super chilly night, however, I must say I didn't want to leave work (shocker, I know), but that's only because I didn't want to go out into the cold weather (it went up to about 12*degrees). Work felt like forever, but it was nice and kind of quiet since a lot of people didn't show up today, I think the cold scared them off, so I feel like a trooper making it in...even though I was 15 minutes late!
Ahh.. one day down 3.5 more to go (the office is only open 8-12 on Fridays! I know..lucky me and most people who work there!)
I have a pretty low key week, except for Thursday night, there is an unofficial company Christmas Party going on at a local bar, that I will be attending after I workout, for a little bit. Hope everyone had a good Monday, and is nice and toasty for the evening!

After breakfast, around 11:30, I snacked on a medium banana and a couple Annie's Chocolate bunny grahams (about 15). This held me over until about 1:00 (lunch time), my friend had a meeting around 2:00 so we did a late lunch from 1:00 till 2. For lunch I had about 1.5 cups of my mom's homemade Minestrone (sorry no recipe), a garden salad with about 1 tbsp of garlic hummus and 2 tbsp. light Greek Vinaigrette. I also had about 3 oz. of grilled chicken with that.
Of course, I needed something sweet afterwards so I had the rest of what I packed of the chocolate graham bunnies (about 20 more) and half of a butter cookie that my friend Liz baked, sorry I ate the top half before taking a picture (it was shaped like a snowman;thanks Liz!) and I sipped on hot green tea all day, because it was absolutely freezing at work!

Around 3:30 I got hungry (AGAIN!) and had a cup of diced pineapple and a cup of On the Go: Cafe Mocha (ehh.. I'm not too crazy about it, but it was better than me diving into my box of chocolates at work, and trust me I would not have stopped at just 1, today!) :-)
I also could ave picked at my carrots or yogurt or small McIntosh apple, but I know it wouldn't hit the spot... :-) so why go around the craving, instead of just having a little bit of what you want exactly!

5:30 hit and I was going to go to the gym, however I was getting a little hungry, and honestly did not feel like working out when it's crowded, so instead I drove home! Of course I was sliding, because the roads are still icy from this morning, I heard that it dropped to about -30*degrees last night with the wind chill, and I think that's why I didn't sleep so comfortable and I was so cold last night.

While making dinner I had an Anjou pear and then dinner was 1 medium sweet baked potato and topped off with about 1/4 c. of non-fat cottage cheese and a pinch of brown sugar. I also had Tilapia (made on a dry pan and seasoned with table blend spice and some lemon juice) I sprinkled a little grated Parmesan cheese, and dinner was served.

I know my dinner was a little random but it was what I was craving. I must say I didn't get too crazy with the Tilapia, and I will hopefully spend a little more time making it and add different things, but today's one of those bummy days 9i think it may be the fact that I was only able to sleep about 5 hours last night).

For dessert (yes I know I should watch this, but hey I'm not going to try and avoid eating something and not satisfying my sweet tooth, because I can get really mean and crabby!) I had about 2 peanut M&M's and another one (this time I picked out the smallest cookie I could find in the bag) of the white chocolate chip craisin cookies, and some Hot Cocoa (about 3/4 c. skim milk and 1/3 c. water mixed with 2 tbsp of Ovaltine). I also am sipping on some Hibiscus flower tea with 1 1.5 tsp of Agave Nectar).

Well that's all I have for now, I have to meet my older sister up at my mom's to trade phone batteries, because her phone won't charge and her new one is on the way, and then I'll be hitting up the gym, hopefully there won't be so many people there.

Have a good evening, and I'll post my workout when I get back!!

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