Achooooo....too dusty!!!

So the cleaning has started and my sneezing has not stopped. I knew my room was dusty but not that bad.... I've been camping in my sisters room for the last couple weeks because I have just been so lazy to clean my room, but I started feeling bad that I have this room to myself and i think my dad was getting agrivated at the fact that im not sleeping there, and it looks like a hurricane came through or somehting, so now's my chance to make it up and clean the entire room, from ceiling to floor.
I open my closet, which was kind of empty and then i look at my bed and I understood why it was soo empty (picture number one). But also when i started walking into my closet I look over and I see a glass of water ?:-/ a bit confused i had to take a picture, and then couldn't stop laughing. Maybe about 30 minutes into my cleaning I started to get hungry(it was about 1:30 and I had breakfast around 9:30, so it made sense). I went and made myself a snack to see if I could hold over a little bit until my chicken defrosted for grilling.
I had 1/2 cup of fage 0% yogurt with 1/2 cup of blueberries and 2 tbsp. of Kashi Crunch cereal. Along with it I had some yummy warm Raspberry Zinger tea.
That held me over for about 2 hours, in the mean time I got a lot of cleaning and clothes folding done!!!! Around 3:30 my tummy started rumbling again so I figured I'd check the defrosting chicken and make some super duper late lunch. For my super duper late lunch I had a small McIntosh apple, about 2 oz. of grilled chicken (Dear George Foreman, You're Amazing!), 2.5 tbsp. brown rice, and a salad with Light Greek Vinaigrette. It was yummy and filled me up!! :-)

I decided to finally go outside into the cold and rainy weather (I really had to go pick up my sisters and my dry cleaning) so I decided to run into the starbucks next door and get something to satisfy my sweet tooth. I am a huge chocolate fanatic and in this house we have XXXL bag of M&M's and trust me it took some will power to not just dig into the bag, but I survived it today. At starbucks I got a short (way too small for me, but sometimes you have to sacrifice bigger cups for a smaller waist) non-fat, no whip Mocha!....it's good, and I'm trying to savor every bit of it. Just to show you how samll the short is (8 oz.) I put it next to my sister's Venti Starbucks cup.

Okay now I have to go finish cleaning my room and move on to the bathroom (blahhh...:-/ )and then maybe make it to the grocery store. I won't be Christmas shopping today, but that's okay tomorrow will be fine, especially because the Bears game was on on Thursday|which we WONN!!!!! 27-24, booo-ya Saints....Go Robbie Gould :-) |

I'll be back later, after dinner and my movie date night with my twin sister :-) Enjoy your evening!

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