I can see the floor!!!

I forgot to mention my sister yelled that when she saw my before and after pictures of my room. Everyone always teases me about how I only get in the cleaning mood once in like 3 months (and actually I think it has been about 3 months since I last cleaned my room ...yup way before I left for LA and I have no idea how I found clothes to pack for that trip.

Anyways this morning I woke up pretty early for a weekend...I've been catching up on sleep lately for the weekends and have been sleeping in till about 11ish (so unusual for me...right Sara and Jennay and Kristi...and everyone else who sleeps in and knows me as the early bird) but today I was super duper happy to wake up at 9 and not be too tired!!! I think it was the fact that my body is still getting used to me not eating too late and not stuffing my face.
Yes I have gained about 10 lbs in the last 3 weeks...so that would start about Thanksgiving time, and now I have to lose that, plus more. No I'm not starving myself, or depriving myself of anything...just eating in moderation, not eating too late, and enjoying every bite I take.I still keep within a good calorie range, even though I avoid that as much as possible (calorie-counting I mean).

So anyways I have started my to-do tasks and ate breakfast, took pictures of my late night grocery shopping, started some laundry and heading over to my bathroom to disinfect the entire thing. I make it sound so much dirtier than it actually is, but it's a bathroom...they gross me out!

For breakfast I had my Grammy style oats! I tried to copy the same recipe my grandma uses for her oatmeal.I can't seem to stomach oatmeal anymore, after my three month high protein diet... so I avoid it as much as possible but I had a craving for her style oatmeal.

I made my oatmeal using:
1/4 c. skim milk (she uses Whole milk)
1/2 c. water (she uses Whole milk, haha again)
1/3 c. Quick Oats
1.5 Tbsp Raisins
1/3 c. sliced Peaches (canned...I know not the best)
1/3 large Banana (sliced)
pinch of Brown Sugar (to top off and sweeten)

I had some Lemon Green Tea and Coffee with 2 tsp. creamer and one splenda. I had to make the coffee today since my dad hasn't woken up yet, and I made it a little strong, but not too bad. I've kind of been drinking it for about an hour already, since I had oatmeal this morning, I can't over do the milk, but as my description says, coffee and chocolate lover.... drink tons of it and eat tons of it...and yes I love Chocolate covered Espresso beans, totally amazing and smart mix!!! Actually I saw some yesterday while on my trip to Starbucks and have been thinking about buying some, especially since they are having their 20% off items until December 17...yummy stocking stuffer for myself.. haha.

Anyways kids, enjoy your day and I'll be back later to post pictures (I've been a little lazy to upload them right now) and to fill you in on how the day is going.


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