Welcome to my blog, I am very excited to start this. I have followed Jenna's (www.eatliverun.com) blog and Cristin's (Eat like me) blog for a couple months now. Ofcourse I have checked out a couple other people's blogs, such as Kath eats real food, For the love of Peanut Butter (which is just an inspiration, I hope your doing well hun!), and a couple others. All of your food bloggies re just an inspiration not to me, but others who need food ideas, and who are trying to grasp the idea of a healthy lifestyle.
If you have read a little bit about me, you'll know that I do have a bit if a challenge, since I do have a twin sister who can devour anything she wants and still be thin (she's really about 1/3-1/2 of my size), but I have learned that it shouldn't matter what size you are... it's about how your body feels and if your feeling good. Size doesn't matter ladies.... it's your health... and you can be a size 12 and feel phonomenal or you can be a size 2/4/6 and feel great... it's about how you feel and not what size you are... it's wethere your happy with yourself, and not how others portray you.
Since there's a limit as to how much I can write about myself in the About me section, to learn more about me, I will post some information as the days/weeks/ months progress, hopefully getting people familiar with different challenges I've been through, but not only weight and health wise, but just my life. I will be posting my thoughts, articles I find interesting and helpful to some people, and struglles for the day. I hope that you enjoy and support my blog, nd feel free to throw in questions, comments, concerns or anything in my comments area and I will reply back as soon as I can!!!

Thank You! :o)

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