It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

It's FRIDAY!!! and another snowy day in the Chicagoland area. It's nice to have snow around for Christmas this year, but we are still 4/5 days away from Christmas (depending on when you celebrate), so who knows what will happen. They're predicting more snow tomorrow, maybe Sunday and then Tuesday and perhaps Wednesday too :-)
This morning wasn't too fun, walking out with so much snow out there, and my poor dad was still sleeping, not knowing that i had actually snowed so much (sorry I'm not exactly sure how much, but they are saying at least a foot by the end of today!!!) So I attempted to shovel before breaking a sweat, which I wouldn't mind if I wasn't going to work, but I ended up waking him up to do the snow plowing, because I did try to start it, but no luck chuck, so it was nice and I am soooo thankful he was here to do it. I got to work 15 minutes late because it was soo slippery I was scared to drive over 20 mph, but there as definitely not many people out on the road with companies and schools closing for the day; unfortunately not my company.

When I got to work I sat down and relaxed a little, but also tried to get things done since we are only open for 4 hours on Fridays and well I had to be a back up for another co-worker since she requested the day off. I actually don't mind it because it makes my day fly by so much faster.

For breakfast I had an Aunt Millie's whole grain English Muffin, a medium banana, coffee with 2 tsp creamer and 1 splenda, and some Raspberry Zinger tea. 1/2 of the EM was with 1/2 tbsp peanut butter and slices of my medium banana, while the other half was with abotu 2 tsp of light canola butter and 2 tsp light three berry preserves.

I got hungry again around 11:15/11:30 so I snacked on the 2 Clementines I brought along with me.

I got to leave work around 12:30ish and got home by 1:00 so I heated up about 3/4 cup, left over, Annie's real Cheddar Mac N' Cheese. I grilled about 3 oz of chicken to eat along with it. I had about a tbsp of Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce with the chicken.

And to keep me nice and toasty, and to satisfy my sweet tooth, I had about 3 peanut M&M's and a white chocolate craisin cookie (yes the ones from Saturday), I am slowly sipping on some Ovaltine, made with about 2/3 cup skim milk and 2 tbsp Ovaltine, topped off with some cool whip whipped cream. Yumm yumm in my tummy!

There's so much to do and so little time to get it all done, so I must go and I'll post pictures soon.

Enjoy your Friday, for those who are home...keep toasty and go have some snowball fights out there... and those of you at work...it's almost done and then you are free!!

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Jenny said...

Partner-in-crime! how are you doing? i know you are working out right now, thats what your aim away says...post some new blogs, i want to feel like i am still living with you!

<3 jennnay