Gone with the wind...

Sorry for leaving you guys for 2 days, it's been a crazy and lazy 2 days for me, so I'de rather not blog about what I ate and how much of it I ate, but I tried to keep it healthy, so it's really just how much of it all I ate.

I've also been very bad with bringing my camera and remembering to take pictures of what I eat, so one goal for me is to whip out the camera before I dig in and show off the amazing food you guys are missing out on. I promise I'm going to get better with all of this, it's a bit hard, although I know there shouldn't be an excuse, it's really hard to be motivated to workout and to not stuff your face when it's like 8*degrees out and slippery.

Anyways, I'm back and hoping to be motivated and get things going right.

Now for breakfast this morning (and sorry I forgot to take a picture) I had the same thing as monday, but instead I had only 1/3 of my large banana (it's very ripe, so maybe i'll leave the rest and the other one I have at home I'll use them up too make some of Jenna's amazing banana nut bread, or perhaps I'll try out the cookies this time.) I also bought a new preserves and it is just addicting. It's Meijer brand Organics three berry, and it's low sugar, which is nice. So let's recap,

1 egg and 1 egg white omelette with some tomatoes and onions (no cheese this time). I also had (to satisfy my sweet tooth) 1 Aunt Millie's Whole Grain English muffin with PB and 1/3 of my large banana, and the other half ws with a little light canola butter and low sugar three berry preserves. I'm drinking some coffee (from Mickey D's right now- I ordered it black, and brought my own creamer (1 tsp.) and 1 splenda)-- I went to pick up my dear friend Nina some breakfast before work because she's always calling me to wake me up early for work, she's on top of things... what a pal!!

Anywho, I must go and do some work, I'll check back later, and hopefully capture some pictures of other foods I eat today.

Enjoy your Thursday, we're almost there! :-)

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