Ohhh...the weather outside seems frightful

I made it! Sorry to post so late, but I had a long day of trying to find parking and shopping. (So yes Melissa I did go shopping and wait till you see what I got!) In my last post I mentioned that someone would join me, but surprise surprise (sarcasm) he didn't go with me. That's okay though because I got to get some shopping done for myself too. I think I have a problem (and most women do, and addiction to shopping!). I went to Ann Taylor last week (my twin works there and they had a HUGE sale so she called to get me in there!) and I spent a little over $100 on myself, however, I did save $100, so it was like a buy one get one free type of deal, if you want to look at it that way. Anywho, I drove to Old Orchard (Skokie, IL) and went to Express only, because I didn't feel like walking out side in the drizzling rain, not too mention didn't feel like shopping much because it took me forever to find a parking space. I did manage to find something cute my grab bag person (since the economy is a bit tight, my family has decided to do grab bag again this year...I'm lucky, I know.) Of course walking to the back section (sale section) I found myself a cute little dress too!! :-) and everything in the sore was 20% off, so honestly I did some great shopping there. I then hustled to my car and drove to Northbrook (thanks for the directions Aaron :-) ), my sister works at the Ann Taylor there, and tried to finish off my Christmas shopping. I came across a couple of cute things that were on sale again so I decided to try them on, and only got to buy 3 out of 6 things for myself.
It was a successful evening for Christmas shopping, I just need 2 more things that I would like to get for my grab bag person and a couple things for my niece and nephew... and I'm good to go. I told my twin she'll be getting her gift after Christmas since I'm strapped for cash and there are bills to be paid. (Yes we get gifts for each other, secretly!)...I'm actually jealous of what she's getting from me.

Anyways, it was a nice night, not only did I get to do some Christmas shopping, but I also got to let one thing off my chest that has been bugging me for a couple weeks now, thanks for listening. :-)

So lets get done with mumbling and post some pictures. Here's what I ate after lunch...
Right before walking out the door I had 3 M&M's (they were calling my name) and 5 grapes. When I got to Northbrook (around 5:15) I had a small McIntosh apple and a tall sugar-free hazelnut Misto with 1 splenda. After words, I drove to my mom's and there I had a cup of homemade Minestrone (sorry no picture I left the camera in the car and didn't feel like running through rain, but I packed some up for tomorrow's lunch so you will see). Then I had about 1/3 cup of wild rice and about 3 oz. of grilled chicken breast. For dessert (of course) I had a coffee with about 1/4 c. of 2% milk and a white chocolate craisin cookie. One of the lady's that worked with my sister made some for her, and let's just say it was yummy yummy in my tummy. I want the recipe...and I'll see if I can talk her into giving it to me. I also had about 6 chocolate graham bunnies.

Enjoy the pictures, any questions feel free to ask.. Let's say I'm a GREAT bargain shopper!!! :-)


Melissa said...

Good Morning!! I'm about to run out the door for work so making this quick!! Looks like you were VERY successful yesterday. and WOO HOO for picking up some stuff for yourself as well!!

Oh and the fruit pizza crust is sugar cookied(just made from a prepackaged mix) then the "sauce" is 1 pack of 8 ounce cream cheese, 1/4 cup sugar and 1 tsp of vanilla. Then any kind of fruit that you want, we use crushed pineapple, peaches, mandarin orange, bananas and cherries. YUMMO!!

Anonymous said...

ohhhhhhhhh i love the clothes! i'm so jealous!