Breathe in...Breathe out...and relax

Maybe Yoga sounds like a good idea for me tonight. It's been quite the stressful and long morning, and feel like today should just be over already.

Sorry for such a short post, but I still have a few things to finish up and about 2 hours to do them so I don't have to stay later, and I can go work out all this stress and anger out!!

I definitely could not wait for lunch, I was thinking of taking an early one, but stuck it out until 1 to go with a couple friends; I did, however, snack on a cup of fresh diced pineapple with 2 cups of coffee with 1 tbsp fat free hazelnut creamer.
Last night I made some 'Beef' Stew, and I was actually kind of nervous that I might not like it since I wasn't sure how faux beef tastes, and well it's just been an interesting 10 days with trying everything completely new, but I am actually enjoying everything I am making. I am loving this 30 day challenge, it has definitely opened up my eyes to new recipes and cultures, and varieties of healthier cooking/baking. It has taught me one lesson so far, plan ahead with all meals otherwise...whether you're dieting or just trying to maintain a healthy weight, you will splurge if you barge into the house starving and nothing planned ahead. (I know this is all probably not making sense, but I'm trying to type what comes to mind, and will edit it later tonight).
So for lunch I had one clementine with 1/2 whole wheat Naan, and 1.5 cups of 'Beef' Stew (I'll post the recipe once I get home). It filled me up just right which I'm so happy about, but I did have half of my Peanut Butter Chocolate Luna cookie and 2 more cups of coffee with 1tbsp of fat free hazelnut creamer.

I am definitely on a caffein kick, but if you know me well, it takes a whole lot more than just coffee to wake me up...thats what 9 years of coffee drinking does to you. I've had a headache since Saturday and it's been on and off, and the coffee is kind of putting it away, but I'm hoping the workout tonight will get rid of it, since I'll be able to sweat out the toxins out of my body...or some of them, and get the feel good high! haha

I hope you all have a great rest of the afternoon, with whatever your plans are, and I will see ya'll later tonight after dinner. :o)

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Melissa said...

I agree. If you don't plan ahead a little bit you just end up grabbing everything in site.

I'm so happy when my food fills me right up!!! : D