later is better than never...

Good morning my loves!

I know this is a late post, but I'm taking a half day at work today (I'm going in for the later part since I have class right after), so I slept in a little. I did have a stomach ache throughout the night that kind of kept me up, but it's gone now. I woke up with a pounding headache and some congestion in my head, which sadly might mean that I may be getting sick :-( but let's hope not.

I know I didn't post anything about y eats yesterday, and since I did wake up a little later than I wanted too (I wanted to try and squeeze in a morning workout) I will quickly post my breakfast and then hopefully at some point be able to post in what I had all day yesterday and about my rough day that led me to go to my friend Nina's house and have some wine with her and my other friend Liz.

I also have to prepare something to eat (because I know I will be getting hungry at work) for work, as well as something for my dinner during class...and I think I might go with a pb+jelly sandwich or maybe some tofu and spinach pierogi's and steamed veggies... we'll see how much time I have left. I will definitely hit up the gym after class for a nice and challenging workout, because sadly tomorrow is my last session with my trainer (unless I buy more, which Ria will be mad about...and tell him off) and he will be putting me on the scale, and I know it ain't going to be pretty...but oh well I did it to myself.

So my breakfast today consisted of a small bowl of Kashi Go Lean Crunch cereal and some Fiber One frosted mini wheats. I did a little mixing because well I love mixing different cereals and getting different zing's at once...YUMMY! I ad some Unsweetened Vanilla Almond milk with that and a splash of Original Soy milk, don't ask why I mixed my milks, but I love the taste of soy milk with Kashi crunch cereal, so I had to. I am sipping on my cup of coffee with 1 tbsp fat free hazelnut creamer, which you guys know I wouldn't go a day without.

This is a lot of dairy for me at once, but I'm trying to just sip on the coffee, that way I can bring it to work to and make it last, and so I'm not overdoing my dairy again...and dying with a super tummy ache.

I need to get showered and ready for the day, stop by the store to pick up some Charleston Chews for a friend, whom I told I would bring them on Tuesday (oops... sorry) and to work I go for 4 hours. I will try to post my snack/meal at work, and maybe work in what I had yesterday, but I will be back after my workout tonight, for sure!!!

Have a good Thursday, the weekend is just hours away now!!

p.s. I just happened to turn to look out my window, and here we go...it's snowing yet again!!

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Melissa said...

I looked for unsweetened vanilla almond milk today at the store and couldn't find any. Where did you buy yours at?