for all the time you bake, you should be spending that time in the gym

Yup that's what my trainer said to me yesterday. Of course, teasing in a way, but he's right.
I have been baking a lot... and my mom thinks that there's a crush for someone (one of those old ideas). I don't know who it could possibly be, but I've had a lot on my mind and cooking/baking helps me relax and have fun, which in turn helps clear my head of any worries going on. It's my personal time to be creative and go outside the box, get out of the 8-5 desk job thinking and just have fun, kind of like a little kid at a park, after a long day of school.
Back to what the trainer said, If he thinks I should be in the gym more and less baking...I'll take a week or so off and see how much he misses the cookies and baked goodies that I bring him...mwahahahaha.... Yes I'm trying to get my trainer FAT!!! but he wants to gain weight, atleast I'm keeping most of the goodies/cookies healthy.

It shows though that I have been to the gym yet again, which I'm so proud of myself, because it was hard going there when it was so freezing out and I had just gotten out of my History of Geology class; we did get out early though, so I had no excuse but to go to the gym.

Quick recap of the rest of my eats after lunch and my work out, and then I should be posting up my breakfast after I eat it.
For lunch I had a salad with 2 tbsp garbanzo beans, 1.5 tbsp red kidney beans, 1 tbsp sweet corn, some onions, a little bit of rotini, carrots, lettuce, and topped off with a tbsp of fat free medi. blend feta cheese (YUMM!) I had some light olive oil vinaigrette with that, and a red orange.

Later I snacked on some ginger snaps (about 15-20), with some red zinger raspberry tea (with 1 splenda). I also had the piece of 60% cocoa espresso chocolate(Ghiardelli) that my co-worker Karen gave me on Monday.

I got out of work and headed straight to class (which is literally a 5 min. drive w/o traffic). When I got there I had my Lara Bar (Cinnamon roll) which was delicioso...but it definitely didnt satisfy me so I went and got a veggie burger and ate that during our 10 min. break..I ate only the bottom half of the bun with pickles, tomatoes, onions, mustard, and ketchup. It was alright.

About 30 minutes later we got out of class and I headed to the gym, again without a plan of what I was going to work on. I did 15 minute stair master set on intervals. then I did some abs (if you want to know what kind just let me know and I'll be glad to share), I also did 3 sets of 16 lunges (with a medicine ball), side abs with a medicine ball. and3 sets of 15 squats on the bosu ball with 8 lb. weights in each hand.
Hopefully during the work day I can look up a plan of what to do when I get to the gym... I already have a couple things in mind.

After my work out I had 1 scoop of vanilla Isopure with 12 oz. of water, and about a cup of grapes. Once I got home and showered I was still feeling a little hungry so I had half of the mini blueberry-oatmeal-applesauce muffin. (I know I need to post the recipes)...

I hope you al had a good Tuesday, mine was decent until right befor eI headed to bed I heard some bad news for one of my friends, so I'll be praying and keeping my fingers crossed for him, and that everything works out for his family.

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Melissa said...

Wow, you've been having some good workouts this week!! Keep up the good work...and your baking sounds yummy!! I like to bake too! : )