Talking but not walkin'

So as you know from my previous post I said I'm back and planning to stay. Okay I have to get serious this time. I'm gonna make this a quick post because I'm super tired today, it was quite the busy day at work (well atleast in the morning) and I was there at 7:30. That is a shocker to everyone because well I'm usually the one walking in 30 minutes late, not early. Anyways so I'm going to do a quick recap on what I ate (sorry no pictures yet) and my workout and call it a night. I'll be back in the morning hopefully make it in early for work and post up my breakfast and what's going on.

Breakfast consisted of an egg sunny side down with some tomatoes and green onion, along with that I had a medium banana, one slice of Healthy Life Whole Wheat bread with 1/2 tbsp. of organic PB and 1/2 tbsp of Light 3-Berry preserves. I also had my ritual 2 cups of joe with 1/3 cup of skim milk, and one splenda.
Since I always bring in some kidn of treats (that I bake myself) to work, a co-worker (Karen) brought me a cookie (store bought) and wanted me to try it. It was okay, but totally tasted like it was just a regular cookie of the shelf.( it was chocolate chip). So I had that throughout my day when I had a sweet tooth.

3 hours later I snacked on a cup of diced pineapple and 1/2 cup of low fat cottage cheese.

Around lunch time, which was about 2 hours later (I usually go and run some errands) I had half of my pink orange (they are YUMMO!!!!), and once I got back (which was about 3 hours after my snack)I finished the orange and I also had 8 medium shrimp (sauteed-night before- with some lemon juice and garlic salt) and a salad filled with corn, carrots, cherry tomatoes, green leaf lettuce, 1 tbsp of fat free medi. feta, and 1 tbsp of light olive oil vinaigrette (I believe I may have a picture in an ealrier post).

I waited for that to digest but had a horrible sweet tooth that wouldnt go away so about an hour later I had 2 small squeres of dark chocolate with some hot peach tea (with one splenda) and that did it just right. Actually who am I kidding I couldv'e scarfed the entire dark chocolate bar, but knew I would regret it later in the day so I controlled myself.

After work I went over to the gym (and yes I actually wasn't too tired or lazy not to go) and I had a decent work out. I must say I don't like the start of the New Year at the gym because everyone and their mother join the gym and it's just so crowded I feel like I can't get a good workout there. Anyways I did the stair climber for about 15 minutes. That made me sweat like a maniac, but I loved it. I did 2 sets of 50 sit ups, 2 sets of side abs(similar to a bicycle crunch/sit up), and 2 sets of 30 leg raises/lifts. (I should take photos once I get my caera, or seach for pictures on the internet of what I'm talking abotu exactly. After that I went to peek into the lifting area part of the gym and it was packed, so instead I did a 30 minute run (speed set at 9 minutes a mile). It was intense and a nice burn and sweat. I could have done a better workout but I'm proud that I went to the gym and won't worry too much about it.

After my workout I had a medium green apple with a protein shake that consisted of 4 oz. skim milk and 8 oz. water mixed with 1 scoop dutch chocolate Isopure mix. It was delish and actually satisfied me well enough, that is until I got to my moms where she had food everywhere. So after my 1.5 hour drive over ther (stupid snow) I had about 1/3 cup of couscous (with mushrooms) and 2 drumsticks (boiled, out of the chicken soup). I had my sweet tooth yet again so I had a cup of coffee with about 1/8-1/4 cup of whole milk (couldn't really tell ) and one splenda. I also found some walnut/preserves cake (I don't know what it is really but it is deliciousness in your mouth, and tastes a million times better when it's warmed up with vanilla ice cream. My aunt's boyfriend makes it, so maybe I can ask him for the recipe and I'll be sure to take a picture soon). It wasn't the healthiest thing around but I did take a sliver of it and it did hit the spot a little, but I knew if I had more I'd only REGRET REGRET REGRET!

I know this blog isn't that great without photos so I'll try to steal my sisters or order one online ASAP, when Im not maxed out on my credit cards anymore.

I hope you all had a great first day back at work, school or whatever your plans were for the day. Goodnight and I will see you all tomorrow!!

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Jenny said...

omg, screw it, I'm moving in with you. you can teach me how to cook and it will be awesome. seriously, i went to the dr yesterday and apparently I've lost 10 lbs since july...(seriously? i can't tell) and i'm having issues food wise at the gma's house.
so anyways, i love what you are eating and yay for your workout!